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In the field of 3D glass, the glass bending machine mainly produces high-precision production equipment for 3D glass and curved glass. The produced glass products can be applied to modern smart phone screens and other terminal devices. The glass bending machine is important for 3D glass. Production equipment, its performance directly affects the quality of finished glass.


In order to avoid die indentation after processing and forming, the general hot bending machine usually adopts temperature control for forming. The temperature of glass forming is inversely proportional to time. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time; the lower the temperature, the longer the time. When producing hot-bent glass, it is necessary to strictly follow the production process for heating, constant temperature, and cooling to avoid defects such as fryer, glass pitting, and arc deformation. Therefore, precise control of the furnace temperature of the hot bending machine is the key to the quality of 3D glass hot bending.

The temperature control of the hot bending machine should be cooled by a professional chiller, which has multiple advantages such as high cooling power, large flow rate, and good cooling effect.

Located in Beihai Industrial Zone, Beihai City, Runrui Technology is a company mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of 3D glass covers and laminated glass products. The equipment is the basis to ensure the normal operation of the hot bending machine and realize the scale, refinement and batch production of 3D glass.


After fully calculating the cooling capacity required by the customer, Kaydeli adopted the system design of the KDS water-cooled screw chiller for the customer. According to the customer's cooling requirements for the 3D glass bending machine, the non-standard customized industrial 3D glass bending machine was cooled. The special unit cools the refrigerant in the refrigeration system through a chiller, and the internal medium flows through the evaporator of the unit for heat exchange, which quickly cools the circulating liquid and achieves the purpose of rapid cooling and molding of glass.

In this project, the chiller has a cooling capacity of 480KW, providing the equipment with a chilled water flow rate of 98m³ / h. The semi-closed structure of the compressor is 20% -30% higher than the energy efficiency of the general compressor; precise control of the compression capacity, that is It satisfies the cooling requirements of the 3D glass hot bending machine, and achieves maximum energy saving and environmental protection.

The project plan is also equipped with a 175T cooling water tower to take away the heat in the heat exchange of the refrigerant in the condenser in a timely manner. It is equipped with a 5T double-layer stainless water tank, which can store the low-temperature frozen water generated by the refrigeration system according to the temperature of the 3D glass bending machine. The chilled water will be sent to the glass bending machine at any time to achieve cooling.

The customer is very satisfied with the special chiller solution for the cooling needs of this 3D glass hot bending machine. Putting it into normal production not only satisfies the cooling of the 3D glass bending machine, but also achieves the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.


In addition, KDS water-cooled screw chillers can be widely used in plastics, electroplating, electronics, chemical, printing, food and other industrial refrigeration processes that require the use of chilled water, or large-scale shopping malls, hotels, factories, hospitals and other refrigeration projects In areas where chilled water is used for central cooling.

Kaydeli is a chiller equipment enterprise specializing in low-temperature freezers, environmentally friendly chillers, laser chillers, and providing non-standard customized refrigeration engineering solutions. The "Kaydeli" brand has also won many "preferred brands in the refrigeration industry", " "Excellent government procurement", "CCTV discovery column-preferred brand" and other industry reputation.

With the advent of the 5G era and the strong demand for 3D glass in the market, 3D glass manufacturing companies should vigorously improve the efficiency and quality of 3D glass hot bending process equipment. Kaydeli is willing to use its 20 years of experience accumulated in the refrigeration industry to create unlimited " "Lengli", serving the field of 3D glass manufacturing, using first-class technology and star service to promote the rapid development of the 3D glass industry.


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