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Coated glass is coated with metal, alloy or compound film on the glass surface to meet the special purpose of glass. According to statistics, 8% of energy consumption in society comes from glass. Specialized treatment can reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the demand for low energy glass is becoming an industry trend. The glass coating process and quality directly determine the performance of coated glass.


In the coated glass production line, a large amount of heat is generated during the production process, and it needs to be cooled in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Insufficient cooling capacity not only causes the temperature of the production line equipment cavity to be too high, causing burns and other safety accidents, but also causes weld deformation to affect the quality and quality of the glass coating and reduce the yield. Therefore, it is more stable to choose a professional and stable industrial refrigeration solution.

Xinyi Glass is the world's leading integrated glass manufacturer. The production base of its Wuhu branch needs to be equipped with professional leading industrial refrigeration equipment in the coated glass production line to meet the cooling and temperature control of key links in its glass coating production.

After communicating with Kaydeli and customers, the main requirements are as follows:

1. The chiller temperature is indirectly cooled by the chiller;

2. The glass temperature drops from 150 degrees to 25 degrees;

3. The cooling capacity of the chiller is greater than 1000KW;

4. 9 air-conditioning units for glass cooling production line;

5. Internal circulation and external circulation ice water pumps.

The engineering technicians and customers of Kaydeli repeatedly studied the process characteristics of glass coating production, and combined with the experience accumulated in the refrigeration industry for several years, customized the three-way circulating refrigeration scheme for the customers.


In the first water cycle, the chilled water is diverted from the insulated water tank to the water-cooled air-conditioning unit through 3 water pumps, enters the cold air chamber to exchange heat with the glass, and cools the production line. In the second circuit, the cooling water in the condenser of the chiller flows into the cooling tower Heat exchange from high temperature to normal temperature, cooling and condensing equipment. In the third cycle, chilled water is supplied from the low-temperature area of the cooling water of the thermal insulation tank to the production line through the external circulation ice water pump, and finally returned to the high-temperature area of the water tank.

In this refrigeration solution, Kaydeli engineers and technicians chose the KDS-440DLA water-cooled twin-screw chiller according to the customer's basic requirements for refrigeration design, with a single cooling capacity of 1430KW, a twin-screw compressor head, and two independent Refrigeration circuit.


The water-cooled screw refrigeration unit is composed of a semi-closed screw compressor, a water-cooled condenser, a filter, a liquid circuit control valve, a thermal expansion valve, a dry evaporator, an electrical control system, etc., and has the following advantages.

Energy efficient:

The semi-hermetic screw compressor has few parts and a low failure rate. It can achieve grading or stepless energy adjustment. It is energy-saving, efficient and easy to maintain. It uses 2 compressors and an independent refrigeration circuit design. The refrigeration work does not interfere with each other. The control is simple and changes with load. The unit automatically determines the number of startups to ensure that the compressor is at its best efficiency and achieves high efficiency and energy saving.

Easy to operate:

The main control system adopts Siemens programmable controller (PLC) to replace the traditional relay control system, simplify wiring, human-machine interface intuitive query data, PLC program with good readability, and other into equipment configuration parameters, use overcurrent protection Interlocking to ensure the safety of the system, the system has manual debugging and automatic operation functions,

safely control:

In this cooling scheme, the circuit design has phase loss and reverse phase protection, compressor overload protection, high and low pressure protection, water shortage automatic alarm device, low temperature, anti-icing protection device, insufficient water flow protection and automatic temperature control system. Ensure that the unit equipment is in a safe and stable range, and ensure the smooth and efficient production of the glass coating production line.


After the plan was determined, the customer was very satisfied, not only solved the cooling and cooling of the glass production line, but also ensured the safe and efficient production of the glass coating, while achieving the best energy-saving effect.

Kaydeli chilled water circulation system can be widely used in glass surface treatment, electroplating, printing, beverage, chemical industry, hardware, building materials, electronics, electrical appliances, electromechanical and other industries, and can be customized according to customer needs. Plastic cooling, food preservation engineering, medical and pharmaceutical storage, e


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