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The maintenance of the chiller should be done well

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In order to ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the chiller, it is important to choose the appropriate maintenance work. How should the chiller be properly maintained during normal times?

(1) Keep the refrigerant and oil clean and free of moisture

When the chiller is being serviced, it is basically necessary to carry out maintenance on any part of the cooling system. Before the work is restarted, all the vacuum must be pumped out so that the moisture can be removed from the compressor. Moisture, when the compressor is running, it must be ensured that all are operated according to normal conditions, otherwise it will affect the life of key components.

(2) Ensure the suction port filter is clean

During the actual maintenance of the chiller, the equipment must be inspected regularly, especially for some of the welding slag that may exist on the suction passage of the compressor. They must be thoroughly inspected and exist on the suction filter network. Some of the dirty things should also be avoided, and all the particles should be pressed into the compressor.

(3) Keep the oil filter clean. If there is pressure increase, it indicates that there is dirt inside the chiller. It is necessary to stop the cleaning or replace the filter. The compressor will run for a long time under the excessive filter pressure drop, which will result in Pressure drop and lack of oil can cause premature bearing damage in this case.

(4) Avoid the compressor being blocked by the intelligent machine

Among the various types of compressors available, it is necessary to protect the liquid spray method, adjust it to an appropriate position, and be in a good state to prevent the liquid from splashing out when working, once the liquid is outward Splashing can result in reduced equipment life.


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