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Air cooled chiller for industrial cooling? Or a water-cooled chiller? Four differences

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Shop around, which is also applicable to industrial chiller equipment. An enterprise user in the new energy battery industry once told kaideli chiller Xiaobian that he found almost 20 chiller manufacturers because of the high requirements for non-standard customization of special parts. Later, after analysis, we found it customized.


Next, kaideli chiller editor will introduce simple chiller equipment to friends in the industry. Today, let's talk about the differences between air cooling and water cooling equipment.

The first is the difference in the composition of the refrigeration system.

In short, generally speaking, we can see the cooling tower on the roof of factories and buildings, which is also used for heat dissipation, and the water-cooled chiller is matched with the cooling tower, while the other one does not need the cooling tower and uses air cooling directly, that is, the air-cooled chiller.

One does not need a cooling tower, and the other has its own fan for cooling. This is the biggest difference between air cooling and water cooling appearance of industrial chillers.

The second is the volume of the cooling equipment. Because the water cooling equipment is equipped with fixed facilities such as water tower, the volume is much larger than that of the air-cooled unit. The larger the refrigeration capacity, the larger the volume will be.

Generally, there are many factories equipped with water-cooling equipment, while the scientific research laboratory equipped with air-cooling equipment has advantages, because one is a plant and the other is an office building. The land occupation of the equipment room determines the equipment investment cost.

The third is the cooling capacity of the equipment. Compared with the water-cooled chiller, the cooling capacity of the air-cooled chiller is smaller. The air-cooled chiller is more suitable for small systems, and the water-cooled chiller is more suitable for large systems.

In general, in industry, such as laser chiller, small coating machine equipment, hot bending machine equipment, etc., there are many small chillers, while chemical reaction kettle, fermentation tank and other reaction vessels are equipped with more units with large refrigeration capacity, and different equipment has different refrigeration capacity requirements.

Fourth, the price of equipment is different

The price of industrial water chiller is reflected in many aspects, such as enterprise strength, brand, configuration, after-sales service, whether to customize the unit and so on. Generally, the cost of air-cooled unit includes water tank and water pump, which will be higher than that of water-cooled chiller. The small water-cooled chiller can be directly connected to the water tank, and the large one needs a cooling tower with appropriate volume.

The editor in chief of Shenzhen kaideli chiller suggested that the following should be noted for air / water-cooled chillers:

The industrial air-cooled chiller unit has its own water tank and water pump, which is convenient and flexible to move and install and has stable refrigeration. However, it also has disadvantages, that is, the environment for equipment installation must be well ventilated, otherwise the poor heat dissipation will affect the refrigeration effect. The air-cooled chiller is more suitable for small equipment, such as laser cooling, ultrasonic cleaning and so on.

Water cooled chillers are open type, box type and screw type, which need to be equipped with water pump and cooling tower. The water quality condition is high, and the poor water quality will affect the heat exchange efficiency and even reduce the service life of the equipment. The cooling capacity of water cooling is higher than that of air cooling, and the operation noise is lower. It is suitable for dust-free workshop, data center, chip laboratory and electronic room.


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