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New energy industry hydrogen fuel equipment cooling project

Industrial chillers are widely used as products for cooling and cooling production equipment. Different industries have different requirements for it. With the development of science and technology, more specialized non-standard customized chiller equipment is needed to serve the scientific research, production and manufacturing industries.

In the field of new energy, hydrogen fuel cells, as a new type of power energy, have obvious advantages in commercial vehicle scenarios. With the promotion of policies and markets, the development of hydrogen fuel power cells has also achieved good development. In the hydrogen fuel engine test and test In the process, the hydrogen energy reaction will generate a lot of heat energy, and the cooling and cooling in time can prolong the service life of the test bench and improve the overall test effect.


Yihuatong is a domestic high-tech enterprise that makes hydrogen fuel cells and stacks. Due to the expansion of hydrogen energy production bases, in the testing of hydrogen fuel cell engines, it is necessary to cool down the engine test bench in time to ensure the normal operation of the test bench and reduce equipment losses. Rate and extend service life.

The project leader found and compared several manufacturers of chillers through industry channels for consultation. During the communication process, Kaydeli technicians understood the production and technical needs of customers from multiple dimensions and perspectives, and formulated a non-standardized one. A set of energy-saving engineering refrigeration solutions.

The core refrigeration equipment is a KDCS-100SLA air-cooled screw chiller, which can produce 300KW of cooling capacity. It is used for cooling the test bench of multiple hydrogen fuel engines to fully meet the cooling needs of customers.


The KDCS air-cooled screw chiller uses a screw compressor as the core component. The gaseous refrigerant comes out of the evaporator of the unit. After the compressor, it becomes a high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous state. The throttle valve expands to a low pressure, becomes a gas-liquid mixture, and finally communicates with the cooling pipe of the engine test bench to achieve heat exchange.

The water chiller is manufactured with modern advanced technology, with excellent quality and beautiful appearance. Selected original imported brand-name equipment, German "Bitzer" screw compressor, can automatically alternate operation according to load changes, good performance and low noise. And it has the characteristics of low failure rate and high safety factor, which greatly extends the service life of the chiller. Various refrigerants are available for R22 / R407C / 134a. The unit has an automatic defrosting function and can be operated even at low temperatures.

The main control system of the unit adopts high-intelligence PLC and PC-level computer control system to realize the remote monitoring and control of the chiller unit. The operation is simple and the adjustment is convenient. Achieved 24 hours of unattended personnel, greatly saving manpower costs for customers.


Because of the special installation environment, coupled with the customer's grabbing the production schedule and quickly starting the hydrogen fuel production line operation, according to the customer's special requirements, Kaydeli technicians went to the installation site to guide and install and debug. , Not only to achieve the desired effect of the refrigeration program, but also speed up the production progress of customers.

The hydrogen fuel cell industry is a high-end industry, equipped with sophisticated and advanced production equipment, and selecting durable and stable supporting solutions is the prerequisite for producing excellent products! Kaydeli has been specializing in chiller equipment and engineering refrigeration solutions for 20 years. With excellent reputation and after-sales service, it has been well received by all walks of life!

Kaydeli chiller equipment is also widely used in various industries such as new energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, plastics, beverages, food freezing and so on. It is close to customer needs to make the best refrigeration equipment. Safety, quality and protection are required. Use Kaydeli!


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