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Freezing and refrigerating system solutions

I. Overview of the program

    Food is not preserved, and it is almost impossible to store it for long periods without deterioration. Foods that have not been preserved are subjected to deterioration, fermentation, corruption, etc. after being left at room temperature for a period of time and are inedible. The cause of spoilage of food is that the microorganisms that make up the food will multiply under high temperature conditions to cause decomposition. Freezing and refrigerating can reduce temperature and moisture content and water activity, prevent microbial growth, and reduce the occurrence of biochemical reactions. Therefore, frozen and refrigerated foods can be stored for a long time. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for frozen and chilled foods is also growing, and the food refrigeration and refrigeration project will develop rapidly.

Kadley is the largest refrigeration equipment production base in China. The food refrigeration and refrigeration project is the top priority of Cadre. Kadley can provide food refrigeration and refrigeration engineering solutions, engineering design (refrigeration design, steel structure, insulation, construction, electrical, production and domestic water), equipment supply, Complete set of "turnkey projects" such as installation and commissioning

    Kadley is the largest producer of food refrigeration and refrigeration in China. The food refrigeration and refrigeration project has been widely recognized by users and has a good market reputation.

    In the design and construction, taking into account the temperature, humidity, time, quality, control requirements, food processing technology and HACCP specifications, as well as various design standards and safety requirements for food refrigeration, Kadley provides energy saving and environmental protection for customers. Efficient food refrigeration and refrigeration project.

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Second, food refrigeration and refrigeration processing technology

  1. Food pretreatment includes: sterilization cleaning, ultraviolet irradiation, radiation irradiation, germination inhibition treatment, ripening treatment, anti-oxidation, killing

  2. Cooling method: air supply cooling, cold water cooling, brine cooling, reduced pressure cooling, crushed ice cooling

  3. Freezing method: static air freezing method (shelf tube contact type freezing), flat air type freezing method, air supply type freezing method, contact type freezing method, secondary refrigerant medium immersion type freezing method, liquid nitrogen spray type freezing method, Continuous freezing method

  4. Post-treatment: unloading, ice-coating, internal and external packaging

  5. Freezing transport method: ice transport, dry ice transport, liquid hydrogen transport, freezer transport

  6. Thawing method: air thawing, hydrolyzing frozen, crushed ice thawing, special electrolysis

Third, the solution

   Kaydeli provides environmental temperature and humidity control for pre-treatment and post-treatment processes in food refrigeration and refrigeration processes, air thawing during thawing, and hydrolysis solutions. Provides all solutions for food cooling and freezing (except liquid freezing). It can provide solutions for food refrigeration and refrigeration processing plants, plant process, structure, insulation, electrical control, and production and domestic water. It can provide users with the factory layout plan that meets the requirements of commodity inspection, which is beneficial to users to obtain export certification from EU and Japan.

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Fourth, the program configuration

    Kaydeli offers a wide range of refrigeration equipment for food refrigeration and refrigeration. Users can choose the best solution according to the requirements of food processing technology, sanitary conditions and refrigeration capacity.

  1. Capacity: Freezing: 1 ton to 1000 tons.

    Refrigeration: 10 tons to 50,000 tons.

  2. Cooling System

     ● Compression form: piston type, screw type, semi-closed.

     ● Refrigeration working fluid: R717, R22, R404A.

     ● Cooling method: air-cooled, water-cooled, salt water, crushed ice.

     ● Freezing method: shelf, salt water, air supply, flat freezer, fast and continuous freezing.

     ● Evaporation form: chiller, plate heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger.

     ● System: direct cooling, indirect cooling.

     ● Liquid supply mode: pump supply, direct supply, gravity supply.

  3. Insulation form: polyurethane plate, polystyrene board, polyurethane foaming, asbestos insulation board.

  4. structure type: 

     ● Steel structure (door steel frame structure, grid structure, civil structure).

     ● Library external frame structure form.

     ● The library structure can be used in the two-layer processing room.

  5. Control mode: fully automatic control, manual control, semi-automatic control.

V. Scope of application:

●Agricultural deep processing plants.

● Food distribution and logistics warehouse.

●Food quick-frozen processing plant.

● Slaughter processing plants (chicken, cattle, pigs, etc.).

● Frozen processing of aquatic products.

● Fruits, vegetables, and storage.

● Conditioning food refrigeration and refrigeration processing plants.

● Store milk, juice and other beverages.

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Safety in production/Craftsmanship Casting/Careful service/Breakthrough in Innovation

Relevant cases

By the end of 2018, Cadley has reached long-term strategic cooperation with 28 listed companies and 36 well-known brands.


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