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Industrial refrigeration system solution


In the field of production and processing of many industrial products, there will be a process of heating and exothermic cooling. How to get an effective cooling system solution? KAYDELI absorbs the successful experience of American and Japanese technology and will save energy and cold water. The whole system solution was introduced into the industrial production field to create a cold water system solution according to different industries and different fields. It became the first high-tech enterprise in China to provide process cooling engineering and cryogenic engineering from high temperature to low temperature conversion.

    Our company undertakes various production process cooling engineering design, construction installation, maintenance and maintenance, such as textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, food and other industries, low temperature cooling project, can provide high temperature (30-0 °C), medium temperature (0 The chilled water used in the process of °C--45°C) and low temperature (-45°C--120°C) can meet the demand of process cold source in various production processes. And various process cold air projects, such as food tunnel cooling, material cooling and other projects.

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