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1200 kilometers! Kateley's 5A star after-sales service helps Hangzhou customers resume production

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True love in difficult times! Kaydeli chiller brand has always won customers' reputation and recognition in the refrigeration industry with high-quality products and 5A-star after-sales. In 2020 when economic development has been frustrated, Kaydeli is still as always, thinking what customers want, and quickly solving customer doubts, in any case!

Hangzhou Julian Curtain Wall Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of aluminum alloy veneer and metal honeycomb panel. Its new project production line has a complete fully automatic spraying line, high-precision CNC tower punching and CNC bending machine and other production machine equipment. The application of our non-standard customized low-temperature explosion-proof screw chiller solution It is used to control the low temperature of aluminum plate production equipment to ensure the quality of aluminum plate production and the normal operation of the equipment.

Due to special parameter requirements, this technical solution is equipped with minus 25 degrees low temperature water-cooled twin screw chiller (refrigeration capacity 228KW, temperature -25 ℃ --20 ℃ adjustable, German Siemens PLC program controller, etc.), cooling water tower, chilled water pump, double Layer insulation water tank, the whole machine and explosion-proof treatment. Kaydeli The explosion-proof chiller is an imported compressor and advanced components with long service life. The evaporator and condenser can save 10% of power with high efficiency, stepless capacity control, precise coordination with load changes, highly optimized overall structure, simplicity and practicality.


At the end of the year, the installation and commissioning was delayed until the year, and the resumption of production was delayed due to the sudden epidemic situation. From the perspective of the customer, our company contacted the customer many times and actively asked about the installation status of the equipment, because of difficult problems encountered during installation and commissioning , Customer service through the phone, online and other channels can not really solve the problem the customer actually encountered, so it was decided to let the technical staff come to assist in person.

The national epidemic situation started to improve in March, but everything is full of unknown risks. Long-distance personnel must apply for a health code, do a good job of temperature detection and disinfection before traveling. Prevention and control cannot be relaxed, but customer issues must also be resolved immediately! At the request of the leaders of the Kaydeli Group, in response to customers' problems, they urgently started the 5A star-tracked after-sales service and dispatched technical staff to provide technical support. Make all the preparations and items for prevention and control on the road. After 1200 kilometers, I rushed from Dongguan, Guangdong to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and ran nonstop to the customer workshop.


                                                                      Kaydeli worked at the customer's workshop

After Zeng Gong arrived at the site, he communicated with the site construction staff, inquired carefully about the installation progress of the equipment, whether the construction was performed in accordance with the installation specifications and flowcharts, the installation method of the on-site cooling water tower was corrected, and other remaining issues on the site were resolved Installation issues. Finally, from the equipment environment, use commissioning to equipment maintenance, the installation and construction personnel were professionally trained again. After that, the relevant personnel will correctly install and debug according to the specifications, and make the equipment run normally and resume production as soon as possible. The construction staff also expressed sincere thanks to Zeng Gong for his technical support.


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The problem is temporary, but the service is lifetime! After sales is a standard that considers the strength of a company. Kaydeli sincerely adheres to the service tenet of "everything for the user" to each customer, provides 24-hour (domestic) on-site service, free warranty for 12 months, and enjoys installation, commissioning and products for life. 5A tracking after-sales service, such as maintenance guidance and regular customer visits. The 5A-star after-sales service is currently the industry's highest after-sales service system. In all industrial refrigeration industries, the only company that achieves a 5A-level after-sales service is Kaideli.

Without professional after-sales, there is no reliable production guarantee. No matter large enterprises or small enterprises, they should choose suppliers with professional after-sales protection. The future is guaranteed! To ensure, to be safe, and to use quality, we will use Kaydeli. Kaideli is willing to work with customers at home and abroad to win-win cooperation and benefit the society with the best quality and products.


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