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To win the "double battle" of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, Kaydeli has been in action!

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In the epidemic situation, various industries in China strictly guard against death. Each industry has made active adjustments to prevent and control the epidemic situation. As the domestic epidemic situation disappeared, industrial resumption began. Under the guidance of the state's policy on enterprise resumption and resumption, , The enterprise began its own road to resume production.

Industry is the backbone of the national economy, the basis of economic development, and the performance of international competitiveness. Industrial production under the epidemic situation is more stable than under normal conditions, ensuring the normal operation of production equipment, safe operation, strict control of product production, and ensuring the output of high-quality products to the market. At the same time contribute to the society with quality products.


In the field of industrial manufacturing, such as electrical and electronics, new energy, machinery, construction, plastics, medicine, food, etc., when talking about ensuring the normal work of production equipment in the industry, it is necessary to mention industrial cooling, equipment cooling, intelligent temperature control, food High-speed cooling is indispensable for almost every industry.

As a chiller that precisely controls the temperature of industrial equipment, it has played an irreplaceable role in industrial production. Plastics must be molded, and precise temperatures are indispensable. Hydraulic pressure and oil temperature are unstable, and mechanical wear will increase; food cannot be quickly cooled, and quality Will be greatly discounted ...

Therefore, the professional chiller has played the role of "close-fitting caregiver" in the entire industrial production, allowing your equipment to cool and warm freely and cope with it easily. From this point of view, the chiller is too important, and industrial procurement of high-quality chiller is naturally essential.


Shenzhen Kaydeli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is based on the production, design, research and development, and operation of "Kaydeli" brand chillers, processing and manufacturing of supporting products required for refrigeration engineering, design and manufacture of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, installation, maintenance, commissioning, and technical services. State-level industry with a main business.


Capitaly has been honored as "Excellent Supplier of Government Procurement" and "China Manufacturing Network SGS Certified Supplier". It is the only company in China's industrial refrigeration industry that has both Chinese well-known trademarks, Chinese famous brands and Chinese export famous brands. The column "Preferred Brands in China" will be shown in major TV media and online media in the near future.


The water-cooled, air-cooled, and screw-type chiller produced by it are nationally authoritatively tested and qualified products with excellent quality. They have GTS, CNNS, SGS and other professional third-party testing platforms for testing and certification. They are widely used in intelligent manufacturing, electrical and electronics, food, medicine , Construction, machinery, electroplating and other industries, laying a solid foundation for the stable operation of industrial equipment.


If it is said that Kaydelihas only these honors, it is very wrong. Kaydeli chiller products have cooperated with China Ping An Group to establish an insurance agreement of 30 million, in order to make Kaydeli customers more assured of the products. Quality, we provide customers with 5A-level tracking after-sales service. If there are any problems with the use of the product, a phone call, a WeChat, and the solution will be implemented immediately!


For industrial chillers to guarantee, to be safe, and to be of quality, use Kaydeli! Every sales of  Kaydeli is the beginning of a "lifetime" service. There is no ever-changing market, but there are always partners. We walk alongside customers on the road and solve your problems. Cadillac has taken it to the next level.


The industry is advancing steadily, and the economy is recovering steadily. The industry 3.0 era needs products with excellent quality to benefit the society. Industrial production is not only to be done, but also to do a good job.  Kaydeli chiller, a well-known brand in China's industrial refrigeration industry, is willing to work with our customers Together, we use the most core guarantees, the safest products, and the most solid quality to create more beautiful and refined products dedicated to the world. We are willing to create a more comfortable and clean living and working environment for human beings!


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