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                                                 Coating machine cooling and cooling project

Coating technology is applied in the field of special industry. It can coat a special compound coating on the surface of machine parts, such as metal cutting and mold making. If you want to ensure product quality, you need to have strict requirements on the coating machine itself and supporting equipment to produce parts that meet industrial production standards.

Among the industrial supporting equipment, cooling and cooling equipment have to be mentioned because it is related to the safety of equipment production, so how to cool the coating machine? How should the cooling system of the coating machine be designed? Before answering this question, we must know the system composition of the coating machine equipment and the required cooling capacity, in order to correctly select the chiller to cool the coating machine.


Generally, a cooling circulation channel is formed in the coating machine through the metal cover and the outer wall of the coating machine. As long as the cooling water or oil is supplied at a suitable temperature, the purpose of cooling the equipment can be achieved.

Odish Electromechanical (Qingdao) is a professional manufacturer of industrial welding robots and welding equipment. OTC is also a well-known brand in the global welding field. On the road of localized market expansion, the pace of production expansion is accelerating. Used for cooling of vacuum coating machine and other equipment.


Because the equipment to be cooled is located in the RF power department of the factory laboratory, the internal space is limited, and the internal working environment of low noise, low vibration, and low heat dissipation is required, and the equipment work cannot affect the test personnel, so the split chiller is the best choice.

According to the actual requirements of customers, Kadely tailored the KC-035TA split air-cooled modular chiller according to customer requirements. One split chiller can produce 80KW of cooling capacity. It is estimated that the customer's coating machine production line needs a total of 220KW of cooling capacity. A total of 3 chillers are required as the coating equipment cooling equipment.

The cooling scheme adopts a split air-cooled modular cooling scheme composed of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The main unit with large working noise and vibration parts is placed outdoors. The outdoor unit is composed of a refrigeration compressor, a heat exhaust fan and a condenser. The generated heat is taken away by the fan outdoors, and the noise source does not interfere with the working environment outdoors.

The indoor unit is composed of a circulating water pump, a water tank and an evaporator, and takes the heat generated by the equipment to the outside through the pipeline without noise. At the same time, the 80M high-head circulating water pump is used to ensure that the chilled water for the equipment is in place in time. The Kadely evaporator is designed with all stainless steel and does not rust, which greatly improves the quality of the circulating chilled water and extends its service life.


Kaydeli large split chiller can be used in plasma emission spectroscopy equipment, X-ray diffractometer and other large-scale laboratory advanced equipment support, vacuum coating machine, ion coating machine, industrial furnace and other industrial equipment with large heat generation are also widely marketed Application, not only good cooling effect, but also good environment comfort and low noise, it is a friendly companion for industrial equipment.


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