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Yuncheng Plate Making (Shanxi)

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Packaging materials such as cling film and plastic film used in our lives can be made by film blowing by a film blowing machine. It heats and melts plastic particles to form films of various processes. The cooling control is the film blowing process The key point is that poor cooling will result in poor film molding effect, uneven film and easy breakage. Especially for large film blowing machines, the requirements for finished film blowing are strict. Without constant temperature circulating water cooling, it cannot meet the production requirements.

The film blowing machine uses a professional chiller to lower the temperature. Not only can the temperature of the cooling ring be accurately controlled, but the overall cooling effect will be better and more energy-saving. In the cooling of film blowing machines, Kaydeli has maintained close cooperation with well-known enterprises in the industry.


Shanxi Yuncheng Plate-making is a world-renowned gravure plate roll manufacturer. The film blowing workshop of its plastics subsidiary adopts the Kadely refrigeration engineering program to provide temperature-cooling for multiple film blowing machines in the workshop.

Due to the commissioning and application of the film workshop, a professional chiller that cools and cools the film blowing unit needs to be used to provide continuous chilled water circulation to the roller to take away the heat of the roller and prevent high temperatures; in addition, 7- 10 degree cooling water for the temperature control system to adjust the temperature of the air ring; central cooling of other systems in the workshop unit to cool down.

In response to customer needs, Kaydeli engineers and technicians have analyzed the workshop environment and refrigeration requirements in detail, and selected the best refrigeration plan for customers from the aspects of cooling pressure, flow rate, and temperature.



In this refrigeration scheme, the refrigeration unit uses KC-050FA air-cooled modular chiller. Kaideli air-cooled chiller adopts foreign imported compressors, which runs smoothly and reliably, has a very low failure rate, is easy to maintain, and saves a lot of installation and maintenance time for customers; the unit is equipped with a highly intelligent PC/PLC computer control system, which is sensitive and temperature-controlled Accurate and extremely convenient to control. The condenser and evaporator components are international famous brand products, with superior performance and extremely low noise. The whole can automatically adjust the operation according to the load change, saving energy, without using fixed resources such as cooling towers, which meets the customer's needs for the workshop environment.

After the actual use of the customer, the cooling system of the Kaydeli chiller is generally running well, especially in the stage of circulating cold water demanded by the film blowing machine, showing extraordinary cooling performance, which exceeds the customer's expected effect. During equipment installation and daily maintenance, Kaide To maintain the first time to solve problems for customers, ensure the normal operation of equipment, and not delay the normal production progress of the workshop.

Afterwards, due to development needs, the customer ordered three KWB-020DA water-cooled box chillers from  Kaydeli  for cooling the newly-added workshop printing machine production line. The refrigeration unit passed actual production inspection and fully met the customer's cooling needs.


Kaydeli chiller can be produced in multiple in and out according to customer requirements to achieve the centralized cooling purpose of multiple film blowing machine equipment or molds. Cooling and cooling, there are also many successful cases in other machinery production fields such as printing, chemical industry, electronics, new energy, food and beverage machinery production, etc., CapitaLand uses its heart to create unlimited cooling power, do every equipment well Technology and first-class service, return to our customers.


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