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Why does the manufacturing industry use industrial chillers? How to choose more in line with the requirements of the factory?

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Manufacturing is the foundation of our country. It undertakes all aspects of our consumer goods, including food, drink and clothing. All of them come from manufacturing, so industrial manufacturing is the basis of national life.

And you know what? In industrial manufacturing, heat will be generated in equipment operation and production process links, and cooling equipment is used for temperature transfer.


Industrial chiller is a kind of equipment that can be cooled by water circulation system with refrigeration and constant temperature in factory production and scientific experiment. It is called chiller, chiller or industrial refrigeration equipment. The general principle is as follows: inject tap water or antifreeze into the circulating water storage tank of the chiller to cool these refrigerants, and finally deliver the low-temperature cooled refrigerants to the production or experimental equipment through the circulating pump.

In this way, the purpose of cooling industrial equipment through industrial chiller is completed.

As long as there is heat, the normal operation of the equipment will be seriously affected, and even the normal operation and life of the equipment will be endangered. Therefore, it can be said that all production enterprises can use industrial chillers. For example, the selection of chillers in chemical industry and mechanical equipment industry is different.

In the chemical industry, the power requirements for chillers are usually relatively large, such as reaction kettle, which is often equipped with 100 hp chillers, while mechanical equipment, such as sand mill, 3D hot bending machine, vacuum coating machine, etc., have less power requirements for chillers.

When selecting industrial chillers, we should also consider the production environment, investment benefits, operation costs and other special requirements of chillers. Therefore, the selection of chillers is a complex, scientific and even rigorous work. The technical director of the enterprise should face it squarely and try to choose high configuration and good quality after clarifying his own equipment budget, Chiller manufacturers with good after-sales service shall be the object of cooperation.

Because the chiller equipment is different from our daily consumer goods, once put into use, it will consume resources and money, as well as human and material resources. It can be said that if the chiller selection is not good, it will suffer a great loss.

Some people in the industry once found Shenzhen kaideli. Because there was a problem with the chiller, they couldn't find the manufacturer. They asked other manufacturers for maintenance everywhere, but the results can be imagined. Therefore, the chiller equipment must depend on their after-sales service and take preventive measures.

Shenzhen kaideli industrial chiller provides you with some suggestions:

When selecting industrial chillers, if the floor area is required to be small, try to choose units with compact structure, such as the whole plant has cooling tower and water supply system, and choose one to many large chillers. If you need to use flexible and convenient, low fault requirements, you can choose one-to-one industrial air-cooled chiller.

No matter what kind of industrial chiller is selected, industrial chillers from mature manufacturers should be selected. For example, Shenzhen kaideli industrial chiller, which is common in the market, has 20 years of experience in chiller R & D, design, production and manufacturing. Its high cost performance and after-sales five-star service are rare in China.

Choose a cost-effective industrial cold water opportunity to make your use of industrial cold water machine handy. Beautiful appearance, scientific and reasonable human-computer interaction, compact structure, stable operation, low failure and convenient use and maintenance are the specific manifestations of a good industrial chiller.

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