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The operation of the chiller must be standardized to operate effectively

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The chiller has some innovative points every year. Only innovation can keep up with the progress of the times. Only innovation can stand out from the rest.


    Such a device has no pollution or is difficult to leak. Of course, it is also an ideal cooling device. From the selection of the entire equipment or design, there will be a series of operating principles, and they have a good operation. The management mode can also be effectively operated and adjusted for all systems at the time of design, which can bring better energy saving effect. So how do chillers perform normative operations, and many people want to know.


After using the chiller, it should be cleaned regularly. Every time during the operation, the post-processing should be done. After each operation, the residual material on the water-cooled chiller should be clear, not only the surface, but also the inside of the pipeline. Wash, and keep the internal pH value after cleaning, especially after the cleaning, do not allow some rough surface materials to be cleaned.


    The adjustment of the system is also very simple and convenient. Different cycle settings are combined with various pumps to operate. In the high efficiency area, the energy consumption of the whole system is reduced, the adjustment is constant, the cost is relatively low, and the actual work is Choices or configurations during the process may affect the ultimate service life if not appropriate. Will affect the final service life.




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