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What are the daily maintenance precautions for the freezer?

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The freezer is an indispensable cooling device for many industries in the industry. Our recommendation is to be indoors and not recommended for open air. Even if it is not used, it is not recommended to be placed in the open air, because it will be affected by the natural environment when it is placed in the open air, which will shorten the service life. In order to continue to use for a long time, a daily routine maintenance is very important.


In winter, the temperature is substantially below 0 °C. If the entire equipment is used at the end of the day or not used for a long time, be sure to release all the water or completely remove the water remaining inside the pipe, so some anti-freeze expansion may occur, resulting in damage to the entire mechanical equipment, and Remove the entire water removal process involved, for example, they may have a number of different chiller series cleaning, or a water pipe with an air gun blown in at the inlet, and then let the remaining water in the system drain from the cooling port to ensure that there is no pipe in the pipe. When water is produced, it can be stopped.


The weather gets warmer every day, and the temperature is gradually increasing. The role of the freezing section is becoming more and more important. If it is not done well in terms of maintenance, it may cost a lot if there is a particularly obvious failure. Time to repair, affecting the company's production and processing speed. The freezer can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, the plastics industry, the textile industry, the food processing industry, etc., that is, as long as the cooling is used, it is basically necessary to purchase an industrial refrigerator.




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